Dear Guest, kindly be informed that we are currently working to upgrade all of our Astir Palace facilities and for that reason The Arion Hotel & Spa & The Nafsika Hotel are undergoing an extensive renovation. We will soon be able to announce our reopening dates. The Matsuhisa Athens, The Astir Beach and its Platinum Lounge facilities and Astir Marina will continue to be fully operational.

By developing the environmental management system according to ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 50001:2011, Astir Palace acknowledges its responsibilities and obligations towards the environment and humanity and takes on a commitment: 

  • to comply with legal and other requirements, as well as the requirements arising from its license
  • to constantly improve its environmental and energy performance
  • to avoid causing pollution
  • to take all necessary measures to address the environmental issues associated with its activities
  • to make available the resources required to achieve the objectives
  • to manage resources in a rational fashion, and
  • to procure goods and services environmentally friendly

By developing the environmental and energy management system according to ISO14001 and ISO 50001:2011 which involves the:


The company determines all environmental parameters involved in its activities and develops procedures and projects aimed at the constant improvement of its environmental and energy performance.

The company’s policy focuses on:

  • Economizing energy by developing a monitoring system for natural resources use
  • Managing the production of solid and liquid waste, giving priority to their separate collection and recycling
  • Senior executives and personnel being kept up-to-date with environmental issues at all times
  • Educating and sensitizing workers

This environmental policy of the company is announced, communicated, applied and supported by every worker of our company.